Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: Are there staff members to help ?

A.: Every package includes an event host. The event host is in charge of making sure everyone gets to take full advantage of all that a Cool Cube Photo Booth has to offer.

Q.: Do you offer Discounts ??

A.: We run a variety of specials and discount packages throughout the year. Call us today to inquire about current special rates and offers. Our financing department offers very flexible payment options so no matter what your budget call Cool Cube Photo Booth first!!

Q.: Can I get my pictures in black and white ?

A.: Of course!! After you enter the photo booth, simply choose the option for Black and White - or Color if you wish. Feel free to Mix and Match. Do some in back and white, then do a set of color photos. Take some serious photos with family and friends - then dress up and add some fun accessories - Your options are nearly endless.

Q.: What type of payments do you accept ?

A.: We have very flexible deposit & payment options. We accept cash, check, or any major credit card. We can work with you to set up a flexible payment schedule.

Q.: How can we use this at a fundraising event ?

A.: This is actually one of the most frequent things we do. Cool Cube Photo Booth Rental is the perfect way to raise money for any event. We have several of approaching this, and would be happy to discuss these options with you. Whatever your vision for your event, contact us and we’ll come up with ideas you’ll love!!

Thank you for your patience while we build our photo gallery.


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